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Welcome to gothnation, a community for politically active moderate-to-progressive folks who frequent the goth scene, whatever that refers to this week. Whether stompy or swirly, we probably dress in black and have done strange things to our hair in our lifetime. That doesn't mean we're not voting--or politically savvy. This community, originally founded as a place to keep tabs on Howard Dean's 2004 campaign (and orchestrate meetups with cool music), is evolving to be a forum for political discussion and activism among folks who identify within the goth scene (or just have a lot of friends in it) explore alternatives, and form a community that is well-informed on both sides of the coin when it comes to political issues.

The community has been quiet since the 2004 election, but it seems to be drifting into awake mode again. A few guidelines:

-Ad hominem attacks and flame threads will be deleted, and I trust those of you who join to know what those things are and avoid them.

-Though we like the music, this is not the place for posts promoting events, concerts, club nights, radio shows or podcasts. If there is a specific tie-in that would make it of specific interest to members of this community, please email the moderator (deviathan [at] livejournal [dot] com) before posting.

-We're not exactly partisan. Yes, we lean left, and that means most of us are democrats. But some of us are independents and "liberal republicans," and some of us are politically homeless. The issues we are talking about are only political when they're politicized.

-Our mission is to increase political awareness, not to pontificate or debate. We lean left, and chances are very slim that you will change our minds, so take it somewhere you think it would do some good.

-If you're just like us but completely different, you may want to have a go at rightgoths.

-Talk about what you're for, instead of what you're against, and why. Our leaders need to learn this valuable skill, regardless of party.

-Humor and links to humorous sites are fine. Just remember: stay on the high road!

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Moderated by deviathan, a former journalist and an occasional armchair pundit who regularly stompydances near Capitol Hill.