Fighting Back

I am disgusted by the GOP's tactics as of late--it's had me depressed. Well, no more; I will not take this shit lying down; I am empowering myself to keep the message of change alive.

And so, I plan to record my efforts and activities election-related until the big day.

On Defense: I showed a video of McCain saying "lipstick on a pig" while talking about Sen. Clinton's policies to everyone at work.

On Offense: I registered three new (pro-Obama) voters today, coworkers all.

I'm making a difference, goddammit. I'm active and I'm informed. And I'm willing to shout down anyone who's got the wrong information. Suck my dick, Karl Rove.

It's easy to write a letter to the Governor ...

... and here's why you should.

Dear Gov. Ritter,

It is my understanding that the Secretary of State's office has recently conducted an unprecendented purge of registered voters, removing fully one-fifth of voters registered in Colorado from the rolls. These voters are overwhelmingly low-income and minority voters who are likely to vote Democratic. With Colorado being a "swing state" in an election year, the timing of this move makes it difficult to believe that it is not a partisan move by Republican Secretary of State Coffman to move the state's electoral votes into the Republican column in November. As a Democrat, a veteran, a Coloradoan, and an American, I urge you to ensure that the upcoming election gives a fair voice to all the voters of our great state.

Daniel Dvorkin

It's not just Colorado, of course; Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico are other states notably undergoing such purges. Now, what do all these states have in common? Hmmm, let me think ...

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Biden Time

I'm basically agreeing with flemco on his selection as Veep. However, I can see some of the reasoning.

1. He's going to eat Mitt Romney's lunch in the debates
2. He's generally recognized as having a good bit of foreign policy experience, which is one of Obama's weaker areas

Basically, folks who were strongly or moderately pro-Obama won't be put off by his selection; from an electability standpoint, Biden's presence appeals to folks that weren't already on board.